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The following articles have been contributed by educators who regard multiage education as a positive direction for educational reform. If you would like to share an article, description, or presentation about work that you are doing in multiage education, please email me.

Culturally Safe Classrooms for Inuit Students & Multiage Pedagogy: A Personal Reflection
by Jasmin Stoffer,OCT
Special Education/Nurture Group Teacher at Asimauttaq School (since 2012),
Kuujjuaraapik, Nunavik (Kativik School Board)
My paper is a personal reflection of my learning through my Multiage Pedagogy course at Acadia University. I believe that Multiage Pedagogy is a culturally safe practice, as it is learner centred, and encourages children to grow at their own pace. Through the multiage approach, I believe that teachers and students can create a safe space for learning, culture, and worldview.

Joanne's Multiage Musings: A Journey Into Multiage Education
Joanne Kennedy, Teacher, HRSB
The blog is an introduction on the subject to multiage education.
Included within the blog are reflections on course materials, resources for those interested in multiage education, websites on schools that reflect multiage education, resources on assistive technology, and videos on "Rethinking Education in the 21st Century". None of the content is an exhaustive list on the subject; rather, it is an introduction to the overall subject. July 2012

Multi-Age: Hype or Just Damn Good Pedagogy?
by Sean Piercey, July 9, 2012
Dalhousie Continuing Technical Education Instructor, Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School, CFB Halifax Stadacona
Adult educators can learn from the methodologies, instructional strategies, and assessment practices ameliorated by a multi-age ideology. As a starting point, this position paper characterizes multi-age pedagogy, outlines the benefits and criticisms of multi-age, and sketches an implementation plan toward a multi-age classroom.

A New Vision for General English Classes at Colonel Gray
by Jackie Cutcliffe, 2011
English Teacher, Colonel Gray Sr High, Charlottetown, PE
In this presentation, Jackie proposes a multi-age approach to the non-academic English courses in her school.  This new project-based course will allow for greater flexibility and more success for students who often struggle to succeed.  The project includes sample schedules and thematic lesson plans.

Multiage High School Physical Education Program Development Presentation
by Donna Duggan, 2008
High School Physical Education Teacher
Halifax Regional School Board, NS

Multiage Wiki
by Karen Stetski, 2009
Special Education Teacher, Junior High Level, Calgary, AB
This wiki gives an introduction to multiage education and provides a forum for discussion with viewer contribution. Also included on the site is a sample lesson plan, additional links and two multiage polls.

Why Not Multiage?
by Kent Harvey, 2006
Middle School level teacher, PEI, Canada
Although Kent is not currently teaching in a multiage setting, he sees this as a positive ideal for improving the school system.

Forward Thinking by Designing Backwards
by Trish McIsaac, 2008
Elementary School Principal, Alberta, Canada
In this presentation, Trish gives a step-by-step process of how she supported one of her teachers plan curriculum for her split class to be more efficient and beneficial to the students and teacher.

Split Inevitability
John MacLeod, 2008
Middle school level teacher, Cape Breton, NS
In his article, John advocates that multiage pedagogy is effective professional development for teachers of any class structure. Since split classes are fairly common, it makes sense that teachers prepare for this inevitable class situation.

Multidisciplinary Unit:
Pesticide Use on Prince Edward Island

Matthew Killeen, 2008
High School Science teacher, PEI
In this project, Matthew shows how themes can be presented within different disciplines at the high school level.

Multiage Journey
Jenny Prescesky, 2006
Early Elementary Multiage teacher, Annapolis Valley, NS
This is a reflection of Jenny’s evolving philosophy as a multiage teacher.




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